Warehouse Construction Service

Warehouse is a convenient storage facility that provide a proper environment for storing good and material. There kind of warehouse is designed to accommodate loads of goods. This being a utilitarian facility, it is important to focus on making warehouse spaces functional, spacious and effective that provide safe and comfortable space for storage.

Here are some important elements to keep in mind before designing and constructing a warehouse –

• Maximize utilization space

• Space should be durable/ functional based on dead and live load.

• The space should be energy efficient, by using energy efficient fixtures and systems

• Can accommodate loading trucks and car parking

• Should be efficient in circulation and material handling

• To be designed with fire protection capacity and can accommodate storage material with a great fire hazard.

• Receiving and shipping areas should be separated to avoid congestion.

Here are various types of warehouse can be designed and constructed

• Storage Spaces

• Office Spaces

• Loading Docks

• Light Industrial Spaces

• Computer Center