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Survey Services

OneSS Infra provide survey services in India, Indore | Bhopal | Gwalior | Ratlam | Sagar | Rewa Jabalpur | Satna | Raipur | Bilaspur | Ujjain | Katni | M.P. The land surveying is considered as primary measurement used by our architects and civil engineers. Surveying is a mathematical tool for measuring and mapping of our surrounding environment before starting any construction project. Surveying is done by using latest technologies like high order GPS and aerial and terrestrial scanner to scan maps and areas. Land survey helps in variety of projects like land subdivision, mining exploration. Tunnel building, water pipeline, Road construction and turnkey construction projects. The survey includes measurement of horizontal distances, directions, angles, and elevations.

Land Survey

Road Survey

Water Pipeline Survey


It is a wide variety of soil analysis that decide the quality of soil. Some tests are conducted in laboratory. The limitation to soil testing the test only tells quality of soil and inside bore, still it is important to get soil testing before start of construction project to understand quality of soil and land.

• Moisture Content Test

• Specific Gravity of Soil

• Dry Density of Soil

• Atterberg Limits Test

• Compaction Test

Here are some testing services:

1. Geotechnical Soil Testing and Analysis

2. Construction Material Testing and Engineering

3. Soil Analysis Field Services

Material Testing