Material Testing

Material testing plays an important role in construction process. As it is important to have soil testing before the project began. Material such as – cement, aggregate, brick, pipes, iron rods etc. must face testing process to make construction long lasting and strong. Material testing plays vital role as if the quality of material can make a big difference in construction quality.

Here are the types of Testing that needs to be consider before using any material.

1. Aggregate Testing – The coarse aggregate used for construction should have following important properties – Strength, Hardness, Toughness, Durability, Shape of Aggregate, Specific Gravity

2. Concrete Testing – Concrete is a simple and basic mixture of aggregate and paste. Testing to determine consistency, air content and strength

3. Masonry Testing – Structural masonry is inspected and tested to certain that all specified condition of masonry testing.

4. Sand Testing – There are different methods of sand testing for quality construction. Here are elements that should be kept in mind – Moisture Content, Clay Content, Grain Fitness