Land Survey

Land surveying is a technique to accurately determine the terrestrial 3D points. The survey of landscape features for detailed study for mapping purpose. The above rates are per Sq. Acre. Which may vary on project to project basis. Land survey is a crucial process responsible land development. They are used to determine boundaries and features of a specific property.

Here are the types of Land Survey Required –

1. Boundary Survey – This survey is to determine the actual boundary of a property lines.

2. Cadastral Survey – This survey is also known as public record survey. This identifies public lands within public land system assigned to any government.

3. Construction Survey – This survey controls factor effecting construction such as elevation, dimensions and horizontal position. This stake out lines and grade for infrastructure and building.

4. Flood plain Survey – This type of survey determines elevation of building or a land that falls under flood plain. This is used to evaluate risk on the property.

5. Lot Split Survey – It is used to divide one piece of land in two or more parts and helps provide legal title of ownership.