Industrial Consultancy

OneSS Infra offer - One window solution for an aspiring entrepreneur, if you dream to spread your wings in India we are here to enlighten you with our one window services. From the moment you dream of a venture here in India till your dream turns into reality.

We understand that starting your business or industry is not a cup of tea in new city. So OneSS Infra is here to simplify the act, coordinating with local authorities, analysis the cost for execution. The execution part need lot of planning, fund circulation, approvals, standards to be followed, we save your energy to run your business and let us do all the hard work.

Project Planning – It is the most important and the basic first step. From choosing building site location, construction budgeting and understanding purpose of construction.

Design –At this stage a systematic design that include complete information about – Material, Size and texture of construction. At this pint it is important to consider the building orientation that reflects its utility and development aspects to ensure project success.

Pre- Construction Stage–Require finalizing – design, civil contractor and material vendor. It is critical to investigate site for environmental hazards and soil testing to make sure it is well suitable for construction. Huge commercial projects require Project manager and supervisor to monitor and manage requirement.

Procurement – The stage involves organizing of equipment and materials required throughout the construction process. Finalizing and assigning work to contractor or sub -contractor. Construction – At this stage decisions are made regarding material storage, labour working hours, site access and quality control. The construction execution is done based on previous stages of discussion.

Post- Construction – This is a stage just before occupancy, there are several important steps to be taken into consideration. Before handling over the site for occupancy project manager and team has to supervise every details of any pending work.

1. Land Allotment

Taking into consideration the inspiration and awareness among all the aspiring entrepreneurs regarding various benefits and facilities offered by government. We support you with strategize the land purchase and allotment for your industry.

2. Consent to Establish

We support you to obtain mandatory consent to establish (NOC) from State pollution Control Board. We ensure smooth, hassle free documentation and formalities with the authorities.

3. Consent to Operate

Avail guidance from our team with all the operating and approval support from the authorities. This service includes consent certification as per pollution control board. Categorization as per environmental compliance to avail consent to operate.

4. Drawing Approval under factory Act

With expert team of structure engineers that will design architectural frame work of your dream industry. Our experts follow strict factory standards keeping safety and operational factor in mind to design structure so that the factory standards are met in one go and you can get approval on your drawings.

5. Factory License

This is the most important document required to operate factory under the provision of factory act. We guide you with all the documents and submission of plan of any class with all the detail description about your establishment.

6. Building Map Approval

Map approval involves architecture planning, we follow strict measure of safety as per government standards, approval and permission for gross area and floor area ratio. We follow you during approval and post approval building plan and submission of inspection report.

7. Construction Permission

OneSS Infra help you to avail construction permissions for your industry. Government permission for construction area, fire and safety permissions.

8. Property Tax

Our allied associates help you understand your property tax assessment. The assessed value for your property. We carefully verify liability of your property with local administration; we convey and support you with transparent information collected from the local authorities.

9. BOCW Registration

We helps you to avail BOCW registration which is an important element for the next stage of your project. This act helps you to cover your workers falling under building and other construction act. Application for registration is to be made in a prescribed manner with allied documents to process the enrollment.

10. DIC subsidy as per state Government

We strongly support these schemes offered by state and central government. These kinds of schemes provide financial supports and offer soft loans to meet part of the margin money and our role is to help you avail this subsidy

11. DIC for Small or large scale industry

We offer technical support for preparation of project reports submitted to the authorities. Organizing information on machinery and equipment. We help you allot raw material.

12. SIA Registration

We help you set up online account with the help of some information from provided by you. We manage these accounts for you as per your instructions. This is a simple procedure to verify credentials submitted by you. Government of India has defined manufacturing and service engaged industries.

13. . Bank Finances

We support you with the challenges you face with bankers and the financial institutes for loan processing and your business idea acceptance. We help you to swim out safe between the finance sharks and help you take the right decision in terms of finances and your future fund management.

14. . Fire NOC

As per industrial safety standards it is necessary to have a NOC issued for fire safety and industrial hazard. We design fire, elevation and section plan as per safety standards and assist you to have a fire NOC and coordinate with Fire and safety officer for approvals and permissions.