Electrical Drawing

An electrical Drawing consist information about power supply, lighting and communication which is useful for engineer and contractor at the time of construction. This type of electrical working drawing consists of lines, symbols for lighting and dimensions. To execute electrical drawing successfully we need the following plans – Floor Plan, Diagrams showing power panels and wiring diagrams.

The accurate electrical drawing consists of the following things - Incoming lines of voltage, size, capacity and rating. One of the most important things that electrical drawing show all the main cable and wires that runs with the associated switches. Electrical drawing is important for documenting, troubleshooting and communicating information about detailed power supply and electrical connection throughout the site. There are other important non-electrical equipment that are to be installed by other contractor can be included in electrical drawing such as –

1. Telephone

2. Computer Connectivity

3. Security System

4. Home Automations

5. Intercom

6. Sound System

7. Electrical Gates

8. Solar Panels

9. Airconditioning

10. External Lighting