Construction of Underground Tanks

An underground tank is a water storage structure design and constructed below the ground. Underground water tanks can be designed as spherical or cylindrical and is constructed using brick and concrete. The underground water tank has lower construction cost.

Here are few types of underground Tank

1. Cisterns is a small underground water reservoir with capacity of about 10 to 500 m³. Cisterns require little or no space above ground thus these are unobtrusive, and it is a good safety feature.

2. Rectangular Lined Tanks – This is the easier way of constructing a underground water tank. The rectangular shape accords good storage and easy deigning and construction.

3. Concrete Underground Tank – This kind of underground tank is used for water from harvested rain.

4. Hemispherical Tank – It is a complicated construction and required expertise to achieve the correct curvature.

5. Spherical Underground Tank – The spherical tanks can be fully buried or partially underground.