Cold House/ Cold Storage and Warm House Construction Service Provider

Cold storage Construction and design is the widely used method for bulk handling of the perishable products. It is important to control temperature and humidity. Cold storage Plant has improved longer shelf life, reduce spoilage.

The cold storage is classified into following categories:

• Bulk Cold Store

• Multi-Purpose Cold Store

• Small Cold Store

• Frozen Food Store

• Walk-In Cold Stores

Fundamentals and specification for construction a cold storage:

• Contractual Requirement

• Building Specification

• Refrigeration Specification

• Insulation Panel Supply and Erection

• Electrical Requirement

Here are few important things to consider in design of cold storage

• Location – The cold storage unit should be built on a site where the land is well drained, clean and properly leveled and should have nearest supply of energy and water.

• Environment – The outdoor contaminants which could affect air handling equipment.

• Local Factor - Availability of labour, cost to hire them as per there skill