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Construction Material Advancement

A revolution much awaited to turn construction industry with advance technology and high end construction material. Every Structure tells us a story of architectural designs, construction style, material used. Long gone the traditional ways and materials for construction. Industry is adopting material science and pushing boundaries for new and improved technology in material advancement. OneSS Infra Pvt. Ltd. Is a fast growing construction company based in Indore (M.P.) is adopting these products to give better performance at every stage of construction. Good construction shares 50-50% contribution of material and engineering. Advance material offer us opportunity to change the way in which we construct. These updated technology products gives extra chunk of value addition as OneSS Infra has diversified construction services such as Industrial PEB Construction, water based construction projects, residential construction projects. This give us added value in terms of increased performance and functionality. There are products that gives construction an extra mileage for functionality and durability.  


Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete is gaining interest among construction industry due to its high toughness performance and durability over those of plain concrete. OneSS Infra is trying to break taboo about standard concrete consumption, and making efforts, so our clients can accept new and advanced technology concrete and understand the benefits for sake of better productivity. Polyester micro and macro fibers are used in reinforced concrete to provide Superior resistance to the formation of plastic shrinkage.

1. A latest Technology concrete with toughness 25-30% more then normal concrete

2. It offers high modules of elasticity for effective long term enforcement.

3. Increase the splitting tensile strength to 2.5 times

4. Gives 3 dimensional Flexibility to structure.

In Construction blend of both steel and polymeric fiber are often used, in order to combine benefits of both products, Steel fiber provide structural improvement and polymeric fiber provide plastic shrinkage.


Prime Steel Rods

Construction industry is evolving with new and improved technologies, and one of the mostly adopting technology is micro alloyed steel rods. These high end steel rods improve strength of concrete structure and reduce the cost of construction. These micro alloyed steel rods is applicable on Roof Slab and retention wall this give longevity to construction. These are optimum to use for industrial and warehouse construction as these have high resistible to temperature variation.

1. Prime Steel Rods are Micro Alloyed Steel Rods which are very high in strength at the same time cost efficient.

2. They are 3Xtimes stronger yet lighter then any regular TMT Bars

3. Prime Steel gives you a Cost Efficiency upto 40%.

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