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Architectural Services

We offer complete range of the integration of Architects design services in India and civil engineering solutions. Our Architectural Services in M.P. , India includes design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration for individual houses, commercial buildings and industrial building works . Our architectural design solution is functionally integrate with – Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing and other allied components. Here are the step by Step process to understand our role in your architecture solution.

  • Concept Design – We develop detailed report to evaluate site conditions that include – topographic survey, Soil Testing, state of existing building and area. The research helps our architects to prepare conceptual design for better understanding of client’s requirement.
  • Preliminary Drawing – We modify the conceptual design incorporating necessary change. It is a process to preliminary drawing, sketches and models for client understanding and approval. This stage help our architect and civil engineers to estimate basic cost based on working area.
  • Drawing of Statuary Approvals – This is the stage where we undertake final correction by architect from client. And assist to get statuary approvals if required.
  • Working Drawing – We provide engineering Consultancy like Structural, Electrical, Sanitary and plumbing drawing to cater necessary information that allows to perform specialized tasks.


We are expanding our Architects design services in India by adding various projects residential, industrial, apartments, institutional, And civil engineering solutions. Our plan offers full scope of professional architectural services. We provide wide range of projects such as our architectural planning service process. We bring a full accompaniment of designers and engineers to each project. Our approach to architectural planning is extensive, comprehensive and client focused. Architectural plans include working drawings, schedules and following sheets:

1. Site Plans

2. Elevation

3. Floor Plans

4. Ceiling Framing Plans

5. Roof Framing

6. Window and Door Plan

7. Detailed and section Views

Each tools and plan we use provide enough accuracy for estimating and general drawings. Working drawing depends on building complexity, roof design.


Our Expertise in Architectural designing services for Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Shed Building construction in Indore | Bhopal | Gwalior | Ratlam | Sagar | Rewa Jabalpur | Satna | Raipur | Bilaspur | Ujjain | Katni | M.P.

Building Elevation Designing Services Providers in M.P.

Elevation drawings show vertical surface of a structure or interior the exterior elevation show the entire front view of your structure. Elevation design reflect the part of the building that people will see. The purpose of elevation drawing to show the finished appearance from all the vertical heights of all sides. The floor plan cannot communicate all the adequate information.

Building Elevation plan includes the followings:

• Specific side of house

• Grade Lines

• Roof Features

• Finished Floor and Ceiling Levels

• Porches, decks and Patios

• Locations and View of exterior walls

The elevation plans are scaled drawing which show all 4 sides of a construction site. It shows each wall length and height. Any exterior features.


We simplify your future with simplified Plumbing Drawing, as it is important as other architecture drawing in construction system it consist of water supply and sewage system drawing. This system shows inlet of fresh water into the building and outlet of waste water from the building. We provide detailed drawing in which fixtures and pipeline crossing is defined. By offering a good plumbing and pipeline plan will surely make work easier and clients living simpler. Plumbing and piping layout helps our site engineers to preview the details of project.

• General Arrangement Drawing

• Detailed Drawing

• Plumbing Fixture Detail Drawing

• Waste Water and Vent Drawing

• Plumbing Schedule


We think of your future when we design your automation and electrical drawing. An electrical Drawing consist information about power supply, lighting and communication which is useful for engineer and contractor at the time of construction. This type of electrical working drawing consists of lines, symbols for lighting and dimensions. To execute electrical drawing successfully we need the following plans – Floor Plan, Diagrams showing power panels and wiring diagrams.

The accurate electrical drawing consists of the following things - Incoming lines of voltage, size, capacity and rating. One of the most important things that electrical drawing show all the main cable and wires that runs with the associated switches. There are other important non-electrical equipment that are to be installed by other contractor can be included in electrical drawing such as –

1. Telephone

2. Computer Connectivity

3. Security System

4. Home Automations

5. Intercom

6. Sound System

7. Electrical Gates

8. Solar Panels

9. Air conditioning

10. External Lighting


Interior design is to how we experience and nurture spaces. It is a thoughtful way to utilize space to its aesthetics, comfort, efficiency and functionality. Interior Deigning requires to bring various concept and pieces of design together to form a stylish look. Interior Design is a way to up the value of your space.

We keep in mind the combination and symmetry of the following elements while we design your interior:

• Color

• Material

• Texture

• Scheme

• Furniture finish

Interior Design are functional in following spaces:

• Residential Design

• Corporate Design

• Health Care Design

• Hospitality Design

Interior Design play important role in budgeting and planning as per client’s requirement to design and execute each room he owns. It is convenient for customers opting for interior Designer to finalize their space interior without hassle to invest time of researching and noting what all products are needed for the space.